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Individual Therapy

Dr.Butleroffers individual therapy for adolescents, teens,  and young adults who experience concerns in life transitions and/or are suffering from symptoms of ADHD, depressions, and anxiety. 

Session Time: 45 minutes

Couples Therapy

Dr.Butler offers couples therapy for couples who are experiencing concerns in the areas of communication, rebuilding trust, conflict resolution, and wanting to improve overall relationship satisfaction. 

Session Time: 60minutes

Family Therapy

Dr.Butler offers family therapy  for families who have concerns in the areas of communication, family transitions, and conflict resolution. The goal of family therapy is to create a positive functioning home environment.

Session Time: 60 minute 

School Advocate

As an experienced school social worker, Dr. Butler has a great understanding of school practices and resources necessary for academic success. She offers school advocacy services for clients that would include attending school meeting and assisting with behavior modification plan developments.


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